Miracle Baby: Heartbreaking snap shots of six-month baby who survived open...

Miracle Baby: Heartbreaking snap shots of six-month baby who survived open coronary heart surgery and now has Coronavirus


A couple have shared heartbreaking pics of their six-month old infant who had just survived heart surgical procedure and has now been diagnosed of getting Coronavirus.

The toddler Erin Bates, nicknamed ‘miracle baby’ is now on an oxygen machine as she has suffering with windpipe problems since birth.

Heartbreaking photos of six-month-old

Born weighing simply 5lbs 4oz, and after months of treatment her mother and father felt she stood a good hazard of healing but on Friday a prognosis of Covid-19 became confirmed.

The pics of the baby launched by using Metro uk with consent of her mother and father, show the child female mendacity in health facility on a non-stop high-quality Airway stress system offering oxygen, surrounded by means of wires, tubes and device.

Heartbreaking photos of six-month-old

Her dad, Mr Bates, a mechanic for Toyota, said:

‘humans are nonetheless no longer taking this outbreak significantly and that upsets me. I take it in my view.

‘Even before we went into lockdown, when we went right into a supermarket we had been anxious because our daughter is liable to viruses. ‘however people nevertheless don’t seem to have any idea of personal space.

‘there was a photograph I’ve visible of a beach wherein there was an ice cream hut open with humans queuing outside adore it changed into a everyday day. It horrifies me that people nonetheless are not sticking to the lockdown measures. It does disillusioned both folks.’

Mr Bates said that once their daughter was born, he and his wife have been ‘over the moon’ because they have been trying for 10 years to conceive and have been instructed they won’t be able to have children however now she’s born she’s been combating for her lifestyles from the very first day of her journey on earth.

She had open heart surgery in December In January and also suffered breathing syncytial virus, which causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia in toddlers and can be fatal.
She then sufferered tracheomalacia and bronchomalacia which required use of the CPAP device.

Posting on fb approximately her daughter’s analysis, Mrs Bates, a tour agent, wrote: ‘each myself and Wayne are completely heartbroken another time that we are in a function where we may additionally lose our little girl if she doesn’t carry on fighting.

‘Please, please, please hold Erin on your prayers. We don’t want to lose her over this virus. She has gone through severe health challenges – we don’t want to loose her, she completes us.’

She also said: ‘i’m hoping that individuals who haven’t taken this virus significantly read this and that i hope it now sinks in.