Why the donated fund cannot be shared to Nigerians – Lia Mohammed

Why the donated fund cannot be shared to Nigerians – Lia Mohammed

Lai mohammed

The minister of Lai Mohammed, says the federal government the money donated by individuals/private sector to fight coronavirus cannot be shared to Nigerians.

According to NAN, the minister gave reasons why the donated finances can not be shared to Nigeria peoples while he featured on a Radio Nigeria programme  (politics nationwide), on Tuesday.

Responding to a request that a part of the money be shared to Nigerians to cushion the effect of the lockdown on them, the minister said the money are meant for the development of healthcare infrastructure and can’t be used to provide palliatives.

Mohammed said the presidential project force for the manage of coronavirus neither had the cash nor was in control of it, and can not percentage a penny from it to every body.

“The donors have not giving any cash to the federal government and they have made this clean to the people,” .

“They stated they will help in the combat against the pandemic by asking government where they want healthcare infrastructure to be provided.

“What government has carried out is to request them to build a 30-bed isolation ward and a ten-mattress intensive Care Unit in every state in the country.

“similarly, the federal authorities has given them a listing of device (equipment) and commodities with that will be needed

“So, the usage of their donations to offer palliative is not possible.”

He said in addressing the palliative issues, every country . Followed a separate approach that was acceptable and perfect.

The minister stated the federal government had taken a number of measures to cushion the outcomes of COVID-19 on Nigerians, which include food distribution, cash transfers, and loan reimbursement waivers.

He said Nigeria is the best in Africa in providing palliative to citizens as the world battles the pandemic.